Apr 2014
Apr 2014

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Romantic Restaurant in Imerovigli

The Cliff Side Restaurant: Guests can relish a culinary exploration of authentic and mouthwatering flavors at the cliff side restaurant nuzzled in Santorini’s volcanic landscape. The San Antonio’s cliff side restaurant in Santorini is nestled in the scenic village of Imerovigli and amazes its privileged guests with savory dishes, exceptional Santorini local wines and the unrivalled sea view tinted by the incarnadine hues of the sunset. A succulent dinner under the gleaming sky or within the Caldera view Hotel 's intimate dining room are considered to be of the most exclusive experiences  of private dining in Santorini.

Cliff Side Dinner Restaurant

The San Antonio’s cliff side romantic restaurant in Imerovigli lures its guest with unsubstantial delicacies reflecting Santorini's Mediterranean heritage. Santorini local wines add to the intimate feel of this authentic gastronomic journey colored by the vermilion sunset. San Antonio’s romantic restaurant in Imerovigli situated in the multihued village of Imerovigli is considered to be one of the most exceptional cliff side dinner restaurants in Santorini, leading the way in the field of private dining in Santorini.

Sea view lounge bar

The Sun Lounge Bar:
San Antonio sea view cocktail lounge stretches out across the infinity pool into the horizon. Hanging from the volcanic cliff in the picturesque village of Imerovigli, the sea view lounge bar is the perfect place to be in order to capture the unparalleled sea view and admire the world’s most famous sunset. The cocktail lounge of San Antonio’s lounge bar presents a selection of delicious light snacks, beverages and iced wine spirits to match every moment of the day.  

For the guests’ comfort and delight, the Sun Lounge menu is also available for room service 24 hours a day.

Private dining in Santorini

Featuring one  of the most inspiring dinner restaurants in Santorini, in the white and blue tinted village of Imerovigli, San Antonio luxury hotel can host the most intimate and romantic private dinners for its guests, during or after sunset time.